A Grammatical Sketch of the Ragi Language
Complete with Mosphei/Ragi-Ragi/Mosphei Dictionary

By Spence Hill
as inspired by the writings of
CJ Cherryh

About my eBook:

Early on, I fell in love with the  psycholinguistic endeavors of CJ Cherryh's books and contacted her in an email.  I proposed to fill out the Hani language of her Chanur series;  she thought it would be a fun project.  After that was completed, and CJ had begun her Foreigner series, it was suggested that I do the same for  the major language from that work as well.   I took every utterance of Ragi from her long series and postulated a grammar and complete vocabulary.  With that now complete, it is for sell under license. 

I am selling my work as an ebook for $7.99 USD. 

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